Scale Away

  • SAFE

Scale-Away is formulated to effectively remove hard water scale, lime buildup and stains from most hard surfaces. Versatile, Scale-Away descales food equipment, dish machines, coffee urns, glass and most surfaces where hard water scale can build up.

Coffee Urns, Steam Trays, Dish Machines, Water Fountains, Decorative Fountains, Glass Shower Doors


  • Dish machines: Spray or brush on full strength on hard to reach areas. Fill rinse tank 3/4 full with hot water and add 4 litres of Scale-Away and circulate until scale is dissolved. Drain tank and flush machine with hot water then rinse THOROUGHLY with potable water.
  • Coffee Urns: Add 4 ounces (113 ml) of Scale-Away to 2 gallons (9-10L) of hot water in urn. Swab interior until clean then drain. Rinse THOROUGHLY with potable water.
  • Steam Tables: Spray or brush on full strength on steam coils and let stand 5 minutes. Fill tank with hot water and brush table interior thoroughly. Drain tank and rinse THOROUGHLY with potable water.

SCALE AWAY is available in 4L bottles & 20L pails

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