Nypower Industries

Nypower Industries Ltd. Is a Canadian chemical manufacturer located in Okotoks of Southern Alberta. We provide great products and superb customer service at competitive pricing.

We manufacture chemical products for a number of industries. A description of these products is available through this website. For additional information and pricing, feel free to contact us at orderdesk@nypowerind.com or 403-995-1488.

We go the extra mile for our customers by offering these additional services:

  • Custom Blending
  • Proprietary Blending (we will provide non-disclosure documents)
  • Private Labeling (you can use our products with your logo to promote your own brand)
  • Distributorship

Chemical Blending


Nypower Industries Ltd. Is committed to producing industrial and commercial products that really work!

We offer the following types of products:


  • Industrial Degreasers & specialty chemicals
  • Oil & Gas Products: Well servicing chemicals and drilling fluid additives
  • Janitorial & Commercial cleaning chemicals, supplies and equipment
  • Automotive detail products
  • Agricultural specialty products
  • Enzyme products
  • Disinfectant & sterilizing products

Any Product, Any Size



Send your orders to:


or call 403-995-1488

Retail Customers

To find a Distributor near you,

call 403-995-1488

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