About Us

Unlike so many of today’s newcomers, Nypower Industries Ltd. has been around the block. In fact, as industry veterans with more than 25 years of success in the business — and extensive contacts built up since our inception in 1980 — we have produced some of the finest, most-sought-after products in the industry. This was achieved with a strong commitment to customer service…and an ever-expanding capacity to supply the products for your success. This means we can supply our customers with the best possible cleaning products. And we do.

Having been in business for over 25 years, Nypower Industries Ltd. acknowledges its role as a responsible corporate citizen. The company sees its principles with regard to environment, safety, health and quality as indispensable for development and enhancement of its corporate value.

Nypower Industries Ltd.In the Beginning… the Janitorial Industry

Starting with janitorial products, Nypower today remains a leading supplier of waxes, industrial cleaners, carpet cleaning chemicals, degreasers and a variety of other products produced specifically for janitorial industries, automotive industries and oil and gas industries.


Since Nypower Industries Ltd has moved from central Calgary to our new location in Okotoks, (located just 15 minutes from the outskirts of Calgary), we are continuing to expand our current product base and ventured into expanding our current janitorial supplies and paper products.

Our goal is to ensure our continued quality in all our products while also maintaining high standards in safety and environmental concerns.

Our staff is continually improving our products and processes so their effects on safety, health and environment are reduced. We continue to keep open communication with customers, suppliers, neighbors and staff to implement these changes in an innovative way..