All Purpose Odor Controller and Waste Degrader

AGI ODOUR EEZ WD biochemical formulation consists of a synergistic blend of selected Bacillus microorganisms that provides exceptional performance over a wide range of organic waste related applications. The components of AGI
ODOUR EEZ WD is listed on the Canadian Domestic Substances List (DSL).

AGI ODOUR EEZ WD incorporates a novel bio¬degradable blend of surfactants and opacifier with a unique multiple spore blend that provides a safe natural solution for many types of organic waste, odor, and stain problems.

The select blend of bio strains in AGIODOUR
EZZ WD specifically promotes optimum enzymatic activity of protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulase, and provides outstanding breakdown of protein, starch, carbohydrates, fats, oils and grease.

• Accelerated enzymatic degradation – synergistic action allows the multiple spore blend to work faster and more effectively.
• Superior germination and outgrowth -results in increased bacterial activity in a variety of organic waste applications.
• Enhanced aerobic and anaerobic performance ideal for applications subject to aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Product Characteristics
Available Packaging • 205 Litre drum
54.0 X 107 cfu/ml
Blend of Bacillus spores
Not detected
Bacteria Count
Bacteria Type Salmonella/Shigella Appearance Fragrance
Creamy white liquid
No fragrance added
2 years at 35° – 95°F (2° – 35°C)

• Odor Control
• Quick Cleaning Action
• Organic Removal

AGI ODOUR EEZ WD is designed to provide exceptional performance across multiple applications:
• Drain line and grease trap maintenance and odor control
• Bathroom cleaner and deodorizer
• Carpet and fabric care – odor and stain removal of milk, vomit, urine, feces, blood, coffee, wine, etc.
• Laundry pre-spotter for organic stains
• Septic and waste treatment

Performance Characteristics
Enzyme Production Lipase/Protease/Amylase/Cellulase
Bacterial pathways Aerobic & Facultative anerobic
PH range
5.0 -9.8
Temperature range

Storage and Handling
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid inhalation. Wash hands thou roughly with warm, soapy water after contact. Avoid eye contact.

Available Packaging • 205 Litre drum