Wipe Out S&S and Wipe Out C&F are now available!
See the products sheets under “Disinfectants”.

A bulk order of Wipe Out Part A Liquid has not yet arrived but you will be happy to know that a number of smaller kits are available with a “Purity Pro” Label.

These products are game changers! Take a look!

The Wipe Out C&F needs to be applied with special equipment. We have arranged to have that equipment available for carpet cleaning contractors and building managers who want to take advantage of this amazing product.

New labels

Starting immediately you will notice some new looks to our labels. They are not only more attractive, they also contain all the compliance information needed.

For those of you who are transporting products, you will want to ensure you are aware of the requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods. You can find all the information you need by reading both the SDS and the label.