Introducing the “WIPE OUT” Line of sterilizing products!
These amazing products unleash the power or PH to sterilize almost any surface.
The science behind these products is simple: Bacteria, viruses, mold and even most insects cannot live in an alkaline environment. We have used ALL NATURAL minerals processed by a patented technique to create a mineral water solution that is a very effective disinfectant, virucide and fungicide. EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID 19! Though not claiming to be an insecticide, it nonetheless, is effective as an insect control agent. All this, and yet it is food safe.


Our first product to be released.
A Disinfectant Identification Number (DIN) application is presently with the government of Canada. We are also seeking EPA approval in the USA.
Wipe Out S&S is a ready to use liquid that can be sprayed or fogged onto hard surfaces that require sanitizing or sterilization. Anywhere you would use bleach, you can use Wipe Out S&S. However, with Wipe Out S&S, there is no odour and it is not poisonous! In fact, it is food safe! Spraying directly on food will not harm it in any way.


  • Medical facilities
  • Pet care facilities
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens

Coming Next

Wipe Out C&F – Carpet & Fabric Sterilizer

A Two-Part system consisting of a specially formulated Liquid Fabric Guard and a Sterilizeing powder. When mixed and applied, the carpet or fabric is rendered sterile for up to 5 years!

Take, for example, the benefits to a hotel room.

Treat the carpet, mattress and drapes.

  • The carpet is protected from spills, stains, bacteria, viruses or mold.
  • The drapes will not get moldy!
  • The bed will not get bed bugs!

This product can also be applied as a long-lasting coating to door hardware, light switches, bath fixtures, etc.

If a sick person was to inhabit the room, no germs would be left behind on treated surfaces.

No bed bugs would stay in a treated room!

Even in humid areas, no mold would grow on treated fabrics!

Wipe Out C&F needs to be applied with specialized equipment. More information on the application system will be posted shortly.



WIPE OUT P&C is an additive that can be added to paint or any other surface coating. It will render the coated surface sterile. No bacteria, no virus, no mold will live or grow on the treated surface! And insects will not stay on that surface either. The sterilizing effects will remain for years!

WIPE OUT F&F (Floor finishes)

WIPE OUT F&F is an additive that can be added to floor finishes. Treated floors will be sterile for the life of the finish. As with the other products, the treated surface will not allow bacteria, viruses, or mold to live on them. And insects will not walk on the treated surface.

By using the WIPE OUT line of products you will be able to create a sterile environment wherever necessary.