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Nypower Industries Ltd. offers a number of products that are ideal for use in agriculture.
For cleaning buildings refer to our Commercial Cleaning Chemicals
For crop spraying you will find A-1 Anti-Foam very handy.
For equipment and parts cleaning see our line of Degreasers
For disinfecting and odour control see our line of Disinfectants and our Eden Enzymes line of enzyme products
See our Wipe Out line for chemical free* (see footnote) disinfecting and insect control.
Nypower Products have a proven track record excellent results and happy customers.
Please contact us and will be happy to help you find the best products for your applications.

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*Footnote: When using “chemical free” we are using it in the general vernacular not the scientific vernacular. Scientifically we understand that everything is a chemical – water is a chemical, yet it is not harmful to our health. Similarly, our Wipe Out products even though they are comprised of naturally occurring minerals from the earth which scientifically are chemicals, these chemicals are not harmful for us, our animals, or the environment.