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Car Detailing Chemicals

1. What Are Car Detailing Chemicals?
Car detailing chemicals are chemical solutions used to (clean, polish, and protect different car parts) make your car look spectacular!. These chemicals are often applied from top to bottom of the car so that all (visible) car components are cleaned and polished without harming the paintwork. (Unlike normal cleaning chemicals, these car detailing chemicals not only remove all dirt and debris on the car surface but also remove gentle scratches, swirl marks, and so on, which may have occurred on the paintwork of the car.) delete – The products do not remove scratches etc, buffing equipment is used for that.

Nypower is a manufacturer of high-quality car detailing chemicals.(for inside and out) Our range of car detailing chemicals includes several result-centric products such as car wash chemicals, (window brite chemicals, power wash solutions, etc.) delete, add: degreasers, specialty chemicals to clean and beautify the auto body, vinyl, chrome, rims, tires, leather, glass, etc.

2. What Sets Us Apart?
Nypower’s car detailing chemicals differ from other competitive products in several ways.

Here are a few unique features of our products that set us apart from competitors.

Our products are user tested. They really are “Products that Work.”
• Our car detailing solutions are result-centric. We have dedicated solutions for cleaning metallic surfaces, non-metallic surfaces, windows, greasy surfaces, etc.
• Some of our solutions are 100% eco-friendly, however, all our products are formulated such that they pose no harm to the user or environment. To use the most eco-friendly ingredients possible.
• Our car detailing solutions are not limited to surface maintenance of cars but also suitable for cleaning bicycles, lawnmowers, industrial vehicles, and vehicle engines.
• (All our products are formulated to repair the interior and exterior surface during cleaning. This surface repair includes degreasing, removal of minor scratches and swirl marks. ) delete. As above, products will clean but not repair.)
• All our products are cost-efficient yet effective solutions for vehicle detailing.

Card Detailing Solutions by Nypower
At Nypower, we offer a wide range of car detailing chemicals. The range of our car detailing chemicals includes the products listed below.

1. 20/20 VISION: 20/20 VISION is a professional glass cleaning solution. It is suitable for cleaning car windows, mirrors, chromes, screens, and dashboards. This is a spray and wipes formula. Being a streak-free solution t it leaves no traces after wiping. It also removes grime, grease, dirt, and fingerprints from the car surface.
2. CARWASH 250: CARWASH 250 is a high foam car wash soap by Nypower. This 100% biodegradable chemical is formulated for roll-over car washing. It can be used for foam brush cleaning. It is a streak-free product and removes grease, and other lubricants effortlessly. It also lubricates the car surface which reduces the friction of foam brushes or automated roll cleaners against the paintwork. It is ideal for manual cleaning and automated cleaning of any car type. It is an absolutely gentle solution so it does not harm paintwork, vinyl, rubber, or chrome on the car surface.
3. CITRA POWER PRO: CITRO POWER PRO is an automotive part cleaning solvent. It is 100% bio-based concentrate and therefore environment friendly. It consists of 0% Ozone Depleting Compounds (ODCs), 0% carcinogens, 0% Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), 0% Global Warming Compounds (GWCs), and 0% Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates (NPEs). This bio-based solution can remove tar, lubricants, heavy oils, greases, adhesives, and waxes from the car surfaces.
4. ED 6000: ED 6000 is a degreaser, and is a heavy-duty industrial cleaning solution. This phosphate-free formula can be used at garages, automotive warehouses, etc to clean and degrease car components.
5. FORMULA 40: FORMULA 40 is a professional automobile cleaner. It is a spray and wipe type of cleaner. It can be used to clean vehicle interior and exterior. Vinyl interior SC seats, wheels, tires, car exterior, chrome, and even engine. FORMULA 40 is formulated to spray and clean with a soft cloth or sponge. For cleaning the engine, it should be sprayed on a warm engine, let it settle for a few minutes, and then pressure wash.
6. PINK POWER: PINK POWER is a professional automobile detailer. This chemical is formulated to dilute the brake dust and heavy road films from the vehicle interior and exterior. It effectively removes oil, grease, rust, carbon, dirt, and road films. This concentrated vehicle detailing solution can be applied on engines, door jams, tires, etc.
7. POWER WASH: POWER WASH is a heavy-duty industrial degreaser. It is a strong liquid alkaline solution that effectively removes oils, grease, carbon, road films, and tar. However, it is not suitable for use on soft metal surfaces like aluminum, zinc, etc as it consists of caustic potash. It is suitable to use with steam cleaners and pressure washers.
8. SIMPLE ORANGE: SIMPLE ORANGE is an all-purpose (citrus based ) cleaner/degreaser. It can be used for spot cleaning, quick detailing, tar removal, engine cleaning, etc.
9. WINDOW BRITE: WINDOW BRITE is a window cleaning concentrate by Nypower. It is a concentrated solution that can be diluted with water in a 10:1 (Water: WINDOW BRITE) ratio. It cleans the glass surfaces on cars in the utmost streak-free manner.
10. Citra Solve: An excellent adhesive remover. Also removes decals, signage and road tar.
11. Chrome Zone: Removes oxidation from chrome parts and makes them sparkle.
12. Aluminum Brightener: Removes oxidation from aluminum parts without damage.
13. Dry Shine: Cleans and polishes the painted auto body without the need for water washing.
14. Dress It: Tire Shine : Can give either a high shine or low gloss to tires
15. Dress It Vinyl Dressing: cleans, protects and shines vinyl interiors .

Applications of Nypower’s Car Detailing Solutions
Our car detailing solutions are used for the following applications.
• Post-repair vehicle cleaning, degreasing, and dirt removal
• Regular cleaning and polishing
• Engine cleaning (to enhance performance) delete
• Cleaning dashboards and windshields

To know more about our car detailing solutions, please feel free to contact us today. We will be happy to assist you.