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Industrial Degreasers



A degreaser is a product that can dissolve and remove unwanted substances that are not soluble in water such as fats, oils, and grease. 


No.  Degreasers are designed for a target application.  For instance, a mild dish soap is a degreaser but you wouldn’t use it to degrease your car’s engine.  In choosing a degreaser, think of your application first, then find the degreaser that best matches that application.  Characteristics you may look for are:

Solvent or water based

Foaming or non foaming

Neutral, low or high alkalinity (PH)

Specific or broad range application

Domestic, commercial or Industrial

Your target:   Kitchen cleaning

 Automotive detailing

 Construction adhesives removal

Industrial equipment cleaning

Heavy equipment cleaning



The following list makes it easier to choose the Degreaser that is right for you and your applications.   All the products listed are concentrates and should be diluted before use. 

(Spray K can be used as a Ready To Use product) 

The most common uses are listed.  But that in no way limits the myriad of uses they may have. 

DISHWASHING CHARM A mild detergent for hand washing
AUTO DISH A high alkaline dish wash for low temperature automatic dishwashers
LIGHT DUTY DEGREASER SPRAY K Ideal for use around the home or office.
Use for removing dirty hand prints, some pet stains, kitchen grease, etc.
Can be used straight or diluted up to 5 times.
MULTI PURPOSE DEGREASER SIMPLE ORANGE This product has a million uses depending upon its dilution rate.
Mix 100 to 1 to clean windows.
5 to one for engine degreasing
and everything in between
MEDIUM TO HEAVY DUTY DEGREASERS RIG WASH Our most economical degreaser. Used for equipment cleaning
ED 6000 Used for equipment cleaning
CITRA POWER A multi use degreaser with the added punch of natural citrus oil.
PINE SCRUB An excellent multi purpose cleaner/degreaser and disinfectant with a pine scent.
HEAVY DUTY DEGREASERS PINK POWER Excellent as an engine cleaner. Use 5 -1
For other applications mix up to 15 -1
POWER WASH Use as an engine cleaner or as a pre spray before pressure washing. Contains a mild caustic for added power.
FORMULA 400 A very versatile heavy-duty degreaser.
Use 5 to 1 for engines. Dilute 15 to 1 for most other applications
CITRA POWER PRO Contains a large percentage of D’Limonene (natural citrus degreaser)
Excellent for softening and removing viscous tars, grease, adhesives
TOUGHY Used to remove heavy grease build ups in kitchens, kitchen exhaust systems, deep fryers, burned on grease.
SOLVENT DEGREASERS HDD SOLVENT Dissolves most petroleum-based soils
Can be used as a parts cleaner.
CITRA SOLVE A D’Limonene – solvent blend. Dissolves tar, oils, grease, adhesives
KITCHEN DEGREASERS HEAVY DUTY 2000 A food contact safe degreaser for domestic or commercial kitchens.
CHARM Liquid dishwashing detergent
PROPRIETORY BLENDS   Made for your specific requirements
Private labeled. Formulation not shared.

HOW DO DEGREASERS WORK?  (Information for the nerd in you) 

Oils, fats and grease can be removed by using petroleum solvents.  However, petroleum solvents are often undesirable because they cannot be released to the environment, they can have serious health affects and are often flammable. 

What about using a water-based product?  You have heard the expression that oil and water do not mix.  So, trying to remove oils fats or grease with water does not work. – Until recently.  Surfactants enable a water-based solution to clean oil and grease.  Surfactants are made up of molecules with a complex organic chain with one hydrophobic end that attracts to oil and grease and one hydrophilic end that is attracted to water.  They can attach to oil and grease particles and carry them into a water solution.  

Other ingredients in a degreasing product can include chelating and sequestering agents.  These attach to metal ions and prevent them from precipitating.  In other words, they prevent the removed soils from re-attaching themselves to the cleaned surface. 

Inhibiters slow or prevent the degreaser from being corrosive to metals. 

Emulsifiers keep the soils suspended in the solution. 

PH builders boost the PH (alkalinity) of the degreaser to further aid the breakdown of oils and grease. 

Degreasers can be quite different from one another determined by the ingredients of the formulation and their respective concentrations.  

Nypower manufactures many different kinds of degreasers as you can see from above.  If you have a specific application need, we may be able to custom blend a formulation just for you.