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Eden Enzymes Odour EEZ

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Eden Enzymes Odour EEZ will make that horrible smell go away! Just wet the source of the smell and let the enzymes go to work. Enzymes do not just mask the smell; they eliminate it at the source.

  • Non-Chemical
  • Non-Toxic
  • Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Pleasantly scented with either: Wintergreen, Gooseberry, but also available Unscented


Our formulation contains a blend of micro-organisms (bacillus bacteria) that produce enzymes that break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, fats, oils, and grease. Once these organic decaying, smelly products are broken down at the molecular level, bad smells disappear.


  • Removes smoke odour
  • Treat drain lines and grease traps to prevent grease build up
  • Remove pet odour and stains such as: Feces, Urine, Blood, and Vomit
  • Laundry: Treat fabric stains and odours before washing
  • Treat septic systems to eliminate odour and maintain flow
  • Freshen carpets after cleaning


  • Remove as much solid material as possible (scrape or blot)
  • Spray liberty on the source of the stain or smell
  • Agitate gently
  • Leave wet and let air dry
  • Repeat if necessary


  • 946ml X 12 – Spray Bottles
  • 4 X 4L Jugs
  • 20L Pail
  • 205L Drum