Liquid Ice Melt

• When Liquid Ice Melt is applied at the onset of a storm it helps reduce the accumulations of snow.
• Liquid Ice Melt creates a non stick, non slip surface that prevents ice from forming under the snow.
• For existing patches of ice and snow, apply Liquid Ice Melt in a thick stream to melt through.
• Liquid Ice Melt is safe to use on almost any surface

How To Use:
• For Liquid Ice Melt to be most effective, use before a snowfall, use a sprayer to evenly coat the surface you wish to keep ice free, and as the snow falls it may initially melt. If snow builds up it will not freeze to the ground making for easy removal.
• Reapply before each snow fall
• Do not dilute the product, it is ready to use

Available Packaging:
4L, 20L, 205L, 1000L


English SDS

French SDS