Simple Orange


Made with the BEST Degreasing Ingredients to clean ANY surface.
We designed this product to be extremely effective verses oil and grease.
Simple orange will enhance and recondition whatever you clean, quickly and effectively, maintaining a deep clean you can count on.

How to use:

• Pre-Spray
• Engine Cleaner
• Tar Removal
• Spot Cleaning
• Quick Detailing

• Warehouse Floors
• Equipment Clean-up
• Walls, Racking
• Cat Walks
• Leaves a Slip-free Surface

Oil & Gas
• Rig Floor clean up
• Oil spill clean up
• Rig and Shop Equipment Cleaning
• General Cleaning


Keep in original container, if the product must be moved to another container, ensure it is a UN approved container.
if label becomes illegible or the product is moved to a different container, please request a new label.
A cool dry environment out of the sun is best.


Simple orange is a Highly alkaline product, when used on bare metals, always test the product on a small area before full application.
Check our website for other comparable products in our full line of solutions


Download Simple Orange Product Sheet
Download Simple Orange MSDS