Eden Pet Odour & Stain Remover

Eden Enzymes Pet Odour & Stain Eliminator eliminates organic based odours and stains by enzyme action.
It is:
• Non-Chemical
• Non-Toxic
• Natural
• Biodegradable
• Leaves a fresh scent behind
Eden Enzymes Pet Odour & Stain Eliminator breaks down smelly organic materials. The odour and stain just disappears.

• Dog, cat, horse, (animal) odour control.
• Spray and walk away
• Spray kennels, beds, stalls, mats, etc, until damp. Keep area damp until smells and stains are eliminated
• Laundry pre-spotter for any above-mentioned organic stains

• Remove as much organic material as possible by removing solid waste and/or blotting
• Spray liberally on the stain or the source of the smell.
• Agitate gently
• Leave wet and let air dry
• Repeat as needed

Available Packaging
4L, 20L, 205L